Light gauge steel CAD frame roll forming machine

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China Supplier Light Gauge Steel Truss Framing Forming Machine 
Specifications of light gauge steel roll forming machine

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The full finished product of Reliable Light Gauge Steel Frame Roll Forming Machine is widely used in the construction of various industrial plants, villages, warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, exhibition, family construction, shopping malls shutter doors and etc. It has the advantage of beautiful, classical appearance and grace taste. 

1.Shunzhu SZ-90 machine hydraulic system
Hydraulic motor power:7.5KW
Fuel tank capacity:160Lwith cooling unit,even long time processing,it won’t generate heat.
2.SZ-90 Hydraulic Punching System
Punching way:punching first then forming,punching position and dimension are all in high precision.
3.SZ-90 Hydraulic Cut-off System
Cut mode:post-molding shear,single blade blanking with Japanese SKD die block steel.

Produce control software:we research and develop the software independently and own the 
copyright of computer software.
The system controlled machining each light-gauge steel structure in full compliance with design requirements.For example,for every 5 meters machined,the error accuracy is 0.02mm.Production file imported with one click,light-gauge steel structure could be all or single to execute the production order.
The system is fully matched with PLC system,code jet system and servo system.At same time,it could be monitoring on real time.

Shunzhu SZ-21 Power 
The industry leading constant temperature and humidity with air conditioning controlling, long time running without stopping.Imported electrical components,reduce the failure rate.

Light -gauge steel frame printing system
Produce system transmit the keel number fast to ensure accurate printing data.
Monitor the ink cartridge using situation in time to prevent production data misalign due to section spray.
Removable cartridge,even during the replacement does not stop.

Production Process:

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