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The Characteristics Of Light Steel Structure Housing

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

Light steel structure is the integration of Europe and the United States light steel structure technology system, for the Chinese market demand, a collection of high-quality materials system, the development of a new type of light steel structure of low-rise housing. To the unit structure of the steel structure as the main body, and the use of integrated,industrial production and mechanized construction and built a new building system housing.

The housing system has the following characteristics:
First, the structure of high stability, seismic lightweight steel structure The main body of the house is made of galvanized steel keel and structural plate. The structure is good in structure, the structure is light and can resist the earthquake of magnitude 8 and above and the hurricane with wind speed of 70 m / s.

As the housing system using light steel keel structure, in the event of a strong earthquake,only the deformation will occur but there will be no collapse, the situation occurs, the damage is small, is conducive to escape, but also reduce the rescue personnel operating intensity, Rescue efficiency.

Second, industrial production  light steel structure of the structure of the keel all the use of Vertex BD design for computer-controlled production, component size accuracy to millimeter, for the late decorationworks provide a good foundation. The industrialization of production for the  building structure system scale, industrial development provides a sufficient  space.

Third, the construction of fast  construction of light steel structure Completion of the factory prefabricated and on-site assembly of the construction; components installed in place to reach 100% strength, no construction technology intermittent, improve labor productivity; components in full accordance with the design drawings accurate processing, on-site construction complete dry operation , Theconstruction of a high degree of civilization; complete a 300 square meters of  housing the main structure of the installation only 7-10 days, to live marked only 30-45 days. Construction speed, is conducive to real estate development  project funds quickly withdrawn.

Fourth, the indoor space separated flexible, high utilization rate light steel  structure housing span of up to 6 to 15 meters, for the residents to provide a greater space for freedom; because the wall thickness is only one-half brick structure, structural area significantly reduced, residential use area up to  92% , Compared with the traditional building increased by about 10% of the use of area.

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