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High speed automatic light steel roll forming machine

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Update time : 2019-11-07 14:50:55
High speed automatic light steel roll foming machine is our 4th generation type roll forming machine, which is to produce aluminium zinc plated steel, and thickness is from 0.8mm to 1.2mm. It is use as light steel villa,light steel construction.

For this machine, our customer required servo cutting system, and machine speed can up to 35m/min. For the high speed metal track making machine, the whole production line includes decoiler, main roll forming machine, 2-m output table and one control box. The hydraulic system adopts Japanese Yuken principle, which is installed inside of machine.

There are three key points while we are manufacturing the roll forming machines one is the details while manufacturing high speed metal track making machine. we always pay much more attention on processing details, even the screws and nuts are national standard with zinc plating, so that we can ensure the precise forming and durable quality.

Another is testing for our finished machine. after one high speed metal track making machine is finished, we test the machine again and again, using about 10m length coil, or even more, do not stop until machine is perfect. for this point, among all the factories in our city, we are the special one. we never allow our machines, even has tiny problem, leave our factory, because we do not allow ourselves bring any trouble to customers, or it will affect our reputation.

The third is after-sale service of high speed metal track making machine For our company, there is no problem for us to dispatch technicians abroad, and provide technical support for the whole life of our machine. for me, as the salesgirl, I have enough patience and experience to help my customers to solve the problems occurred during using machine.

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