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Our light steel roll forming machine have the advantages of low wasting rate of material.It's reflected as low failure rate of post punching & cutting model contributes to low material wasting rate.Short distance between punching & cutting die able to lim
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This is our new version3.0 of Light gauge steel roll forming machine, which can support 89mm width, thickness range from 0.75mm- 1.2mm. With this machine, you can produce a house with 150m2 framing profiles in 1 day, which is really stable, quick and nice
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SZ 90 light gague steel frame roll forming machines for the production of sorts of metal building materials for lightweight and light guage steel building projects.
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SZ90 light steel roll forming machine is the most advanced and comprehensive light gauge steel truss system available and includes a powered decoiler and a serious of high quality accessories to guarantee the machine keep long time running. It’s easy to o
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Advantages of the low cost prefab house:
1. It is a highly efficient, energy saving, environmentally friendly.
2. Sustainable green building system and can be fire rated.
3. It can be used in various residential styles,such as villas, multi-storey buil
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Technical Parameter of Economic high-grade prefabricated light steel frame villa
1) Energy-Saving: Light steel Villa is easier to build, lower cost, significantly time-saving and labor saving comparing to the traditional civil buildings.
2) Customized d
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The steel structure is widely used for the villa,large-scale workshop, warehouse, supermarkets, entertainment centers and other buildings. And the steel structure workshop is good at easy installation, stable structure, earthquake proofing, water proofin
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Light steel Villa , steel framed house for family /workshop /warehouse /garage is popular day by day , as the excellent performance ,  green , fast to build , water / heat / fire insulation ,  good anti-resismic and wind-proof . 
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Light steel villa house is one kind of prefabricated house,prefab house or modular house.It is popular using in the different country no matter it is a rich or poor country as their family home.They are made of strong and green metal-steel, as the structu
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Light Steel Building Advantages:
1. The steel art room is completely prefabricated in the overall specifications, roofing, floor, roof and water circuit system, making the site installation convenient and fast, shortening the time period from building th
Third Case
Light steel villa is consisted of structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roof system.
Each system includes a number of unit modules which are manufactured in factory. These unit modules can be assembled on the spot.